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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Baheti (BRIL) emphasizes on maintaining the quality of its products. it is company’s unmatchable ability to manufacture world class products that has made it popular business enterprise in the national and international markets.

The company has uncompromising quality checking process at all levels by highly professionals and skilled human resources, right from the selection of raw materials including Aluminium Scraps, Manganese Ore, Silico Manganese, etc. to the sale of the finished products.

Baheti (BRIL) has with it, a technically well qualified team of metallurgists, mechanical engineers who ensure one hundred percent reliable production and quality control. From input raw materials to finished goods, quality is stringently maintained at every stage. Continuous upgradation of the quality of the product has brought the business at its peak.

Test & Equipment


Ultimate Tensile Machine


Density Index

Quality Test and Certifications

  • Spectro Analysis Test:
    For Chemical Analysis of Alloys
  • Mobile Spectro Analysis:
    For Chemical Analysis of Raw Materials
  • Tensile Strength Testing:
    To Know Tensile Strength and Elongation of Alloys
  • Microscopic Analysis:
    To Know Grain Structure of Alloys
  • Vacuum Test:
    To Measure Dissolved H2 in Alloy
  • K‐Mold Test:
    To Measure Inclusions in Alloy

Our Certifications